Athas, sky is the limit

Hero's of the realm

After the party returns to Raam from town of Silent Hill and rewards handed out for the competition of there mission and the return of the child the group is given time to rest and enjoy there rewards.

Once the group has been well rested for several days they are summoned once again to the orders of the Alliance by Malcosh (Malcosh a representative for the Veiled Alliance in Raam).

The group is asked to journey to a ancient Druas city know as Tarraziin. It is said that Tarraziin holds the clue to the location of an artifact that Kalak requires. Joining them on there journey are two twin brothers of Yargos (dwarven nation) Dorium and Thorium. Dorium being a brother of the Druids and Thorium being a priest of Mordin.

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